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systematic literature review project

Understanding the Literature Search Process

Recently, our company Rx communications Ltd has been involved in proposals for a number of literature review projects – one where an original review and analysis required updating before publication, and others that were designed to find answers to fairly obscure or unusual questions. We find, with the start of the year, many of our clients looking for vendors for these types of projects, and so we thought it might be useful to share our experiences.

Why bother with writing assistance for HEOR studies? Surely we can all communicate…

The primary reason for performing health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is to inform decisions – whether those decisions are about more research, or the use or value of a product or service. The key concept is that of INFORMING. If you are not communicating the results of your research adequately, it doesn’t matter how good it is – it won’t be fulfilling its primary function.