360° IntegratedCommunication

We are a medical communications company that stands behind organisations aspiring to create powerful audience experiences. We believe a target audience is an extremely valuable asset and seamless, simplified communications allow organisations to connect with their audience at a deeper, more meaningful level.

In 2019, we launched cutting edge. sensory technology designed to make medical communications to the next level.

This is Rx pushing frontiers in communications technology.

Integrated Audience Experience Solutions

Cutting-edge Interactive Audio-Visual hardware to enhance audience engagement

Pro Touch Interactive Coffee Table

Interactive Smart Surface Technology

Welcome end Engage

Smart audience engagement products with customUl/UX and interactive touch based content

Real time Social

Real time social media integration

Brand Management

Provide an InsightInto brand and company with immersiye High Definition AV content

Vertical Display - "iStandee"

Strategic Audience Engagement Points

Upload & Share

Share quick, Informative content at key Audience Engagement Points.all controlled via a secure cloud- based Content Management System

Live Updates

Coml., messages quarterly results and emergency broadcast targeted tot, right audience

Messaging Board

Convey company events, trainingcourses, job vacancies with engaging AV content

Interaction - Next Generation

Touch Enabled Drug DIsplayShelf

Cloud Based Interactive Hardware

70 Inch touch screen drug display shelf. Scroll through different dings. Long touch for drug information synopsis. Scan OR code and purchase drug online Points.all controlled via a secure cloud- based Content Management System

24/7 Operation

Designed for 2477 for 16/13) operation

Remote Content Scheduling

Remote pre-programmed content scheduling functionality

KOL Meeting Zones / Training Center Solutions

Interactive Meeting Zones & Training Centers

Touch Enabled Drug DIsplayShelf

Zoom, Skype and Panapto Capable

Flexible software platforms compatible with the latest in communications software


Customizable hardware and software to accommodate 1.100.1000 or more attendees

Intranet Solutions

Integrated Communications

Seamless integration between multiple company locations and departments

Customized Information

Customize information from different departments to the right audience

Automated Scheduling

Automated or manual scheduling of oantent for ease of use end continuity of coverage

Cloud Based Content Management (CMS)

All screens can be controlled remotelyyia cloud based content management system

Easy to Use CMS with Custom Domain

Easy to use content management system with custom domain to customize content delivery to all screens

Secure Data Transfer & Access

Secure data management empbving AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers

Training & Support

Comprehensive Paining and ongoing servke support provided