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What’s the Difference Between Med Ed and Medical Communications?

Well, frankly, not much.
Medical education (med ed) agencies are virtually the same as medical communications agencies, and at Rx Communications we call ourselves by either term. Some med ed agencies focus on delivering marketing & training materials that help pharmaceutical and medical devices companies educate patients, subscribers and payers not only about their product but also about disease awareness. Other medical communications agencies may concentrate on developing the scientific platform for key opinion leaders (KOLs), which would include scientific and clinical journal publications as well as congress materials. Yet others may focus on clinical trial documents and regulatory materials. With our range of writer expertise and superb project management, we can manage it all. We deliver quality clinical and pre-clinical study protocols, reports and investigator materials, alongside medical communications and medical education in whatever format our clients want.
Our only criterion is that the project in question has a valid scientific foundation so that whatever we do adds to an evidence base that supports and encourages good healthcare information and decision-making.

What’s important about having a medical communications agency on board?

EBM or evidence-based medicine is vital for improving healthcare. And so much of it now incorporates the use of big data and outcomes research. The sheer volume of data can make the job of communication a tricky one – data selection is vital but must not bias the evidence. This is where publications planning and communications strategy comes in.

Initially, the focus should be on understanding how, when and why healthcare decisions are made – and of course, who makes them. By healthcare decisions we mean decisions right from the top, e.g. government policy, regulatory authorities, formulary committees etc. right down to the selection of a particular wound covering made by a nurse, a prescription by a subscriber, or an OTC (over the counter) healthcare product decision made by a patient/consumer.

What evidence, level of understanding and communication channel will influence that particular decisionmaker to make the right healthcare decision, and how would that evidence be best presented?

A medical communications agency worth its salt should help find the answers to these questions, take the evidence available, perform the necessary competitor and benchmarking analyses and be able to come up with a publications plan and/or communications strategy that fulfils these criteria for the decisionmakers that are most important to the client.

How can we best use the data we have available now, and will have in the future, to provide valid and reliable evidence to each of those audiences?

  • Clear and concise study protocols, study reports, brochures and slide decks for investigator meetings
  • Advisory boards for future planning activities or value demonstration strategies
  • Regulatory documents

What are the choices available to that decisionmaker, at that time and in their particular situation?

Of course, to collect ALL the evidence necessary to fulfil every audience/decisionmaker in every country is an impossible task. And hugely expensive. So the next questions become: Who are the most important target audiences, and when, how and what do they need to know/understand to make healthcare decisions?

Depending on what our clients want,
we develop:

  • Congress materials and publications abstracts, posters, manuscripts, slide decks
  • Digital solutions which can also provide hardware and software, so the project is a complete done-for-you-solution
  • Evidence summary materials that can provide a hierarchical and ever-expanding online internal resource

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